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Interactive Virtual classroom

Introducing “Interactive - Virtual classroom”

Through videoconference technology, our teachers will teach fun, interactive 25-minute classes for your children. Teachers will sing, act, and teach, all with interactive learning materials. Teachers will speed up or speed down their teaching depending on your child’s needs and level. This will be a personalized and customized learning process for your child. Our teachers are both fun and professional.

  • Carefully selected: most of ourteachers have master’s degrees and have teaching experiences. Most importantly, they love to work with children.
  • Trained to give lots of attention and love: because children are more interested in getting attentionand having good interactions, our teachers know exactly what their needs are. Our caring teachers will give your child attention and positive reinforcement.
  • Happy, fun, and interactive classes:our teachers will give your child fun learning experiences. Learning Math, Science, Reading in English, Art, and Music can be FUN!
  • Specialized subjects: Reading in English, Math, Science, Music, and Art. Even while learning at home, your child can learn various topics to fit your child’slevel.

Interactive-Virtual Classroom

Our awesome teachers will work with your child, work at your child’s level (either speed up or speed down), teach them how to read in English, Math, Science, Music, and Art. Can you imagine your child reading an English book after months of “Humphreys Activity Center” online classes? Can you imagine your child becoming a master of addition and subtraction? Can you picture them starting to read notes in music and create new art projects? YES! “Humphreys Activity Center” virtual classrooms will make it happens!

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How we do it

“Humphreys Activity Center” Interactive-Virtual classroom leads your child to a media-rich learning experience. We do this using:


Certified professional teachers with extensive teaching skills

Structured, standardized, and fun learning curriculum

Interactive games
fun activities

The classes take 25 minutes, which is perfect for the average attention span of young children.

"Any comments or suggestions?" please contact us humphreysonlineclass@gmail.com