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Our suggested schedule

Our classes are fun! It is not like watching YouTube videos that have already been recorded and posted. Our teachers will live stream with your child and interact with them while learning. Our carefully selected teachers will interactively teach Reading in English, Math, Science, Music, and Art. Our professional teachers will sing, dance, play games, and do activities to catch your child's attention during a 25-minute class.

  • Reading in English

    Three times a week

  • Reading in Chinese

    Once or Twice a week

  • Math

    Twice a week

  • Science

    Once or twice
    a week

  • Music

    Once or twice
    a week

  • Art

    Once or twice
    a week.

  • One on one interactive class will be given to young children from ages 3 to 12th grade.

  • Professional teachers will join the class and teach reading in English, Math, Science, Music, and Art.

  • Students can either choose classes by teacher or by date.

From anywhere and anytime, children can meet our teachers and have a fun, interactive class.

Start learning TODAY!

Our teachers are carefully selected: most of our teachers have master’s degrees and have current teaching jobs at other schools.

Our talented teachers will captivate your child’s attention for a 25-minute class. With an interactive learning screen, the schedule is easy to look at online. You can choose your class based either by dates or by teachers.

6 year old girl reads 5th grade level books.

4 year old boy reads 1st grade level books.

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